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Unique Set of Personalised Interactive Storybooks to make your child’s birthday celebration unforgettable!

The ultimate birthday return gifts with impossibly personalised options not just for the birthday child but also every friend! Especially designed as party favours, each interactive book stars the birthday child and a friend on an exciting adventure together! Every book is personalized right from the cover to every page (can also be adapted for graduation parties or other celebrations)

Each book has a gripping story with fun learning activities (and stickers!) interwoven to make every child attending the birthday party a star. Our personalised books for birthday party return gifts don’t just make great party favours but are keepsakes that the children will cherish all their life and remember their friendship with your child.

space troopers bookyboo

space troopers bookyboo

The children are Astronauts on a space mission to save the world! In each book, the birthday child and a different friend whiz through space in their rocket, learn all about the solar system and discover a whole new galaxy!

FROM : USD 9.99 (minimum order 5 books) + Free Shipping to India

finding north bookyboo

finding north bookyboo

The kids are Arctic Adventurers on a fascinating journey! In each book, the birthday kid and a different friend are heroes who discover new lands, rescue a seal, sail the high seas, meet Arctic animals and watch the Northern Lights!

FROM : USD 9.99 (minimum order 5 books) + Free Shipping to India

"Searching for a perfect return gift for your child's birthday party is a herculean task. My choice was made easy when my 7 year old niece rooted in favour of Bookyboo's birthday party books. The books arrived and sure enough they were par excellence. Not only was the book creative and aesthetically made, even the quality of paper was thick and glossy.

All kids at the party absolutely loved their personalised books. Parents too were thrilled with the unique idea. This is one return gift that is likely to stay with the children for a very long time. Given today's gadget driven milieu, this book works as thoughtful tool to make our kids look up from their i-pads & phones and leap into a more creative world."

Jasjyot Punian

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