Make a child the hero of an exciting storybook packed with life values. Every innovative story is personalised differently to create a magical and inspiring experience. A truly special gift for a child, cherished for a lifetime. Our personalised books are specially designed for shared reading. They are written in rhyme to improve language skills and have world-class illustrations to spark a child’s imagination. The gripping stories are designed to teach children life values and build emotional resilience. The stories celebrate the child and the qualities of love, courage, curiosity and kindness.

best gift for a child personalised story books

my name bookyboo

A Treasure Hunt where the clues are the letters of your child's name!

FROM : USD 21.49

fun family bookyboo

1st ever story to be personalised for a family. Step into this jungle adventure with your kids!

FROM : USD 21.99

Go Camping With Daddy! Limited Edition

Father & Child ‘Go Camping’ together in an interactive personalised story perfect for papa & kiddo bonding time.

FROM : USD 14.99


Make your child’s birthday celebration unforgettable! In each interactive personalised book, the birthday child and a friend are heroes of a fabulous adventure. We have created a very unique library of titles which are first of its kind in the world. Our range of personalised books for birthday party return gifts are designed to spread the joy of reading and are a gift that celebrates your child and his/her friend together. A return gift that will stay with the kids forever and always remind them of their friendship.

space troopers bookyboo

space troopers bookyboo

The children are Astronauts on a space mission to save the world! In each book, the birthday child and a different friend whiz through space in their rocket, learn all about the solar system and discover a whole new galaxy!

FROM : USD 9.99 (minimum order 5 books) + Free Shipping to India

finding north bookyboo

finding north bookyboo

The kids are Arctic Adventurers on a fascinating journey! In each book, the birthday kid and a different friend are heroes who discover new lands, rescue a seal, sail the high seas, meet Arctic animals and watch the Northern Lights!

FROM : USD 9.99 (minimum order 5 books) + Free Shipping to India

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