With impossibly personalised options not just for the birthday child but also every friend attending the party, the bookyboo personalised books especially created for birthday party favors are the ultimate return gifts. In each book the birthday child and his/her friend go on an adventure where the friend is the hero and your child his/her best friend. The book is personalized right from the cover to every page.


A gripping story with fun activities interwoven to make every child attending the birthday party a star. The story takes the child through the highs and low of storytelling making it a book the children can’t resist. Our super cool technology a.k.a the bookyboo genie makes the book ultra personalised putting the child right in the center of the action. Our personalised books for birthday party don’t just make a great return gift but are a keepsake that the children will cherish all their life and remember their friendship with your child.


We take utmost care when it comes to the quality of our book making sure it enhances your party and earns you appreciation from both the kids and their parents. The books are printed on thick textured paper especially imported from Korea and printed with the latest technology to ensure the colors are vibrant and new age. We fuss over the minutest detail at every step to create the best personalised gift experience. Right from the gripping stories written in rhymes to flat design illustrations and artwork that ensure that the books win over every child’s heart.

Birthday Party Bookyboo

Unique Set of Personalised Interactive Storybooks to make your child’s birthday celebration unforgettable!

Bookyboo Birthday Party Return Gifts


The following testimonial comes from Sakshi Grover. We just love hearing your stories about your experience.


Every year I customise gifts for my sons birthday. I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what kids would like and what they would want, this time when I went to bookyboo I reaslised that [customizing] was so simple, I just had to give them the names and my sons name would be in the book and his friends name would be in the book. I found the idea fantastic and I went on doing that.


I realized that his friends loved it when they saw their own names in the books, they saw they could do so much with the books, they could do writing and activities. The teachers loved it because they thought it was something more than just normal goodie bags and they could discuss it with the children in the class.


Divij found it fantastic because every book had his picture and his name on it. I also got a few calls from other parents who that they were not normal goodies bags with party poppers and chocolates and jellies but something the children would keep, cherish and enjoy.

Bookyboo Genie is at work

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