A guide for parents to help them read more books with the kids. Do you sometimes wonder what’s really going on in your child’s little head? Hurdles that may seem trivial to us, could be really big to them… so we must keep an open communication channel.

Getting the kids to develop a reading habit in today’s gadget-obsessed world is a great challenge for the parents. But there are ways this can be done and that too at the right age, so that the child or children take to this habit as they grow older. Here are some tips that may help in this direction

A couple of weeks ago, we met a parent at an exhibition who asked this simple question: "What does the personalised book do for my child?" So, we decided to dig a bit deeper into why personalisation is so attractive and whether it really does have a positive effect on the child. Something personalized

We love the idea of using type-only design to make a statement in a room. So we have decided to include some links for free printable so you can print out good looking wall art for your little ones! p.s: Our personal fav got to be Quote #4 from Dr. Seuss! Comment below to share your personal favourites with us too..